The Interior Renovation is definitely designed to impress and judging by the reactions of students, it manages to do just that. Our design made sure to provide a regal and majestic feel to the entire space. We encourage you to come see this masterpiece whenever you get the chance.

The family needed a house that was an eclectic mix of traditional and modern. We delivered just that by tirelessly reinventing some of the traditional details. The spaces have a calm demeanor but are very grand and regal at the same time. Rich textures and materials have given a timeless edge to this residence!

“Why can’t a clinic not be fun and classy?”

The team challenged the otherwise unimaginative interiors of a general clinic. The pantone palette choice for the materials is enlivened by contrasting details in the project. Tell us which detail you enjoyed the most if you visit this project of ours.

As per the client’s needs/ budget minimal intervention and maximum effect was attempted in this facade renovation. The rich architectural vocabulary along with novice material choices became the defining factor to bring this project to life.

The client wanted to soak in beauty and revel in luxury. Why would we not support them?

Smart use of natural light washing clean lines of sleek modern surfaces is what defines this project. The dim and subtle interior lighting is complimented by bright fixtures peppered through the spaces.



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